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Barbara's Portfolio for Hope

Completed Projects


Barbaras Village-Jamaica-June 2006

Ellersie Soccer Complex-Jamaica-July 2009

*** A big THANK YOU to Jacksonville Football Club players and Coach Mike Walker who donated over 5 truckloads of balls, shoes, uniforms, cleats and bags.

Celebration of Life School-Jamaica-July 2011

Celebration of Life School-Phase II-Jamaica-February 2012

Steven's Place computer lab-Jamaica-July 2013

Jeffs Band Music Project-Jamaica-July 2013



On-going Projects

 Helping Hands for Steven-in partnership with John Amico Cosmetology stylists and salons to raise funds for prosthetic hands for Steven Walker

Masks for Jax-distributing homemade masks to the poor

Jacket giveaway to the children of Jacksonville-5 years-over 2000 jackets given to needy children and schools-in partnership with the Jacket Grandma

Ann's Angels Adaptive Waterski Foundation-Florida  

Barbara's coffee street outreach-bring coffee to homeless on cold nights-Jacksonville, Florida 

Barbaras Village support-Jamaica

Ellersie soccer program-Jamaica

COL School support-Jamaica

 Dog Meets World-take pictures of children w/dog in 3rd world countries-Jamaica phodographer 

Call Ms Barbara-a hotline to link the needy with local resources and information


















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