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  Fundraising Goal: $75,500.00

Please Help Us!

In 2004 I began my journey with the poor of Jamaica, which resulted in several projects including Barbaras Village, a 14 home community in Spanish Town. Since that time I have continued to raise funds for housing with a project called Barbaras Village Too. I always wanted to build a village called Hope Village, as that is what I am all about. I am just an ordinary person, trying to plant seeds of hope.

It's time!

The growing need for housing only increases with the extreme poverty and the annual hurricanes. Many families for generations have only had dilapidated tiny shacks to live in-pieces of tin and old wood thrown together-very primitive living conditions. There is no indoor plumbing or electricity.

The poor are happy though. With each visit they give me so much more than I could ever give them. I have met the poor living under a tree (as the family pictured here), living on the streets, living in a dumpster, living between rocks covered with fish net.

As for me, I am part of the working poor in the US, a social worker and waitress and a single mom. I do not own a home and probably never will because I am going to keep building homes for the poor of Jamaica. They have become my family and this is a lifetime commitment from my heart. The poor of Jamaica have taught me many lessons, and one of the main ones is to feel blessed for what I have and I have shelter.

On the day we opened Barbara's Village, lives were monumentally changed. Families were transported from deplorable conditions and violent areas, to a community of peace, which has come together as one.

I have a dream for the poor of Jamaica and it is Hope Village, a place where dreams really can come true.

Please help me change the life of a few more families! After all, you have shelter!

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to: Food For The Poor

Food For The Poor Inc.
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Write on the check's memo line "SC 85315" to ensure proper tracking