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New Projects and Completed Projects!

Posted on March 7, 2012 at 7:40 PM

On December 17, 2011, I graduated from FSU with my Masters of Social Work Degree and my lifetime commitment to the poor of Jamaica only became stronger.  I know this is my destiny!

On my last trip to Jamaica in July 2011, we built the Celebration of Life School.  As I completed by educational journey and as a social worker, access to education for all children became even more a priority for me.  Upon completion of the school building, it was a necessity to continue this project with the addition of a computer center, playground, community garden, storage unit and security fencing-Phase II. Between my graduation and my 57th birthday (Feb. 18), a match period for all donations to this project was initiated.  The goal was to raise all funding during this period.  On Feb. 19, I received word from FFP we had met that goal! Yesterday I received another $500 donation that exceeded our goal!

Anyone who knows me knows I always have numerous projects on the back burner waiting to start.  As soon as I complete a project, I announce a new one.  This time I am announcing 2!  Hope Village and Jeff's Band. Never under estimate the things that I can do! 

Jeff's Band is a project I actually started a few months ago, but have upgraded it to a major project with a fundraising goal of $50,000. The original project was to provide instruments for one village in Jamaica.  After discussing the needs with the FFP project manager for Jamaica, I was challenged to provide 14 villages with instruments and I do love a challenge.  I am a believer in anything is possible if you are willing to work hard enough for it!  This project is to honor my fellow CVS finalist, Jeff Madewell, a musician, whose passion is his one man porjects for  the Rosebud Indian Reservation in the Dakotas.  To link this project to his passion, I am now branching into new territories, with instruments going to 7 villages in Ghana, where American Indians have settled.  As in Jamaica, they are desperately poor with similar living conditions.  So it looks like my travels in the future will include a new 3rd world country-one of the poorest!

Hope  Village was the name I originally chose for my first village.  It was the Jamaican people who decided to name it Barbaras Village.  I always knew that someday I would build a 2nd village and name it Hope.  I truly believe this is the time!  As I moved full time into fundraising for my music project and having spent the last year concentrating on schooling, it was important to me that the need for housing not get lost in importance.   In addition to all the other projects I will initiate in the future, housing is my lifetime commitment to the poor of Jamaica.  I do not own a home and probably never will, because I will continue to build houses for the poor of Jamaica for the rest of my life. It is a pronise I made them at the opening of Barbaras Village. This project will fund the building of a village of 25 homes in Jamaica with a fundraising goal of $75,500!

Sound impossible?  Not to me!  They call me Crazy Barbara because of my passion and Unstoppable Barbara because I will make it happen whatever it takes.  Quitting is not an option! I believe in miracles and I will continue to fertilize the grarden of the poor with seeds of hope.

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