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Inaugural Soccer Game is Played!

Posted on October 29, 2009 at 11:17 AM

On October 18 the vision became a reality.  The inaugural soccer game was played at the Ellersie soccer complex.  The match was played between Ellersie and a rival community team in St. Catherines.  The match was dedicated to a young man from Ellersie who had been shot and killed by a gang from the rival community.  On Oct. 18 these 2 communities united at the Ellersie soccer complex to share their love of this beautiful sport. The goal of this project was to give HOPE and an alternative to violence.  It's working!  Many games will be played for years to come.  This community takes great pride in this new facility as it is on the level of the field in their national stadium.  This soccer complex has brought governmental and media attention to this community.  I can't wait to get back to Jamaica and celebrate on the sidelines of a match.  Pictures from the match have been added to this site.  I wish to take this opportunity to thank the players of First Coast Soccer Club and Coach Mike in Jacksonville, Florida for their continued support of this project.  Balls, shoes and uniforms for the Jamaican players have been donated by these Jacksonville players in a drive spearheaded by Coach Mike.  By the way, someone also donated a riding lawnmower for the complex!  As the children come out of the shacks that surround the field and line the fence I am sure they are quite excited to see this mower keeping the fields groomed for the next match.    

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