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Posted on August 13, 2009 at 3:22 PM

Friends and visitors:  I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to this develping site.  As you follow it, you will be updated on both my international projects, as well as my community projects.  This site is about ordinary people making a difference.  In the My Friends section I have highlighted other CVS finalists and their projects.  The other 3 sections are organizations I personally work with in my community and internationally.  I am a phodographer for Dog Meets World, linking the children of Jamaica with children in other 3rd world countries.  I am an active volunteer and advocate with GRANDS, linking grandparents raising grandchildren with services in my community.  I am a member of the team at Clay Habitat for Humanity, serving as an intern.   Upcoming fundraisers and new projects will be announced on this website. I have a 5 year plan in place for my international projects, so tune in for status reports, completion dates and announcements of new projects.  My next trip to Jamaica is scheduled for the end of summer 2009.  The photo gallery will be updated on a regular basis.  I have already received requests to add more pictures of my community projects.  This website was created to be a tool to bring awareness to my international projects in Jamaica and to raise funding to complete these needed projects.  The mission of the site is to plant seeds of hope, by linking citizens in my community to resources, completing and intiiating projects both locally and internationally that will change lives, to motivate others to find their passions and to confirm it is never too late for an ordinary person to make a difference.  It is not about money.  It is about love. Barbara

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