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Masks for Jax

Posted on June 14, 2020 at 6:20 PM

What started with a box of handmade masks delivered to my home from an out of work artist is LA, has blossomed into a huge project and I am now calling it Masks for Jax!

I am a social worker on my paycheck job.  A group of artists in LA have banded together to make colorful, 2 sided masks for all my clients from that job-families who have moved from homelessness into permanent housing.

NEWomens vets donated masks this week which will be donated to an apartment complex in a needy neighborhood.

A group of ladies in Illinois have adopted 5 group homes I work with, supplying masks for all the residents and staff!

This labor of love has now grown to the group of Christian ladies in Illinois shipping tons of masks for me to deliver to the needy population of Jax as they know I know where they can be used. 

This project is all about connecting humans-strangers from across the country.  It sends the message people care about each other and are hand making masks to let others know they are important and so is their health.  In these difficult and ever changing times-it is all about planting seeds of love and hope and remember we are all one family called the human race! 

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